What is Melonite?

Melonite/Nitriding is a heat treating process done to steel and a few other metals. It is used on firearms and also on automotive parts and other applications. Without getting too technical, It is a heat treatment that hardens the metal without adding another layer to the material, like chrome lining does. There are different types of Nitriding used on metal. The process used on our barrels is called salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing, which is actually one of the most simple forms. The military chrome lines there barrels for a few reasons. It is very hard, it is corrosion resistant and it has better lubricity than the material it covers. The problem with chrome lining is that it can wear out and potentially effect accuracy. The bore on a chrome lined barrel needs to be over-drilled to compensate for the lining, which is not ideal. Melonite/Nitriding exceeds the chrome lining in almost every way and hardens the metal much deeper than chrome lining. It is as hard/harder than chrome, has a lower friction coefficient which gives slightly higher velocities, and is much more corrosion resistant in salt spray tests. Since Melonite/Nitriding is not an added layer, the negative effects of chrome lining are not had with the process. They have shown to last 30% longer than chrome lining. The extreme heat requires the barrel extension to be torqued/re-torqued after the treating process. If this is not done, the extension can come loose and cause a dangerous situation. We know of companies currently doing the treatment wrong. It’s important to have a company clarify this before you purchase. We pride ourselves on clarity and try to put as much info into our descriptions as possible.