Why should I buy from Integrity Arms?

We know there are many good companies out there to choose from. At Integrity Arms, we want to earn your business. We feel we build our products with more attention to detail than any other company. All of our rifles are built with 100% American Made parts. Our company products are machined in state-of-the-art machine shops, and our accessories are from industry leaders. It is our stance that an ultra reliable rifle does not have to cost a fortune, and that the customer should have the ability to chose the options that will go on his/her rifle. If there is a configuration not listed that you want, call or email us and we will send you a detailed invoice for clarification before we build it. Our builder is a prior Active Duty Marine with a civilian Armorers Certification who knows the rifle system very well. We know how the rifle works and will make sure it is functioning optimally before we ship. Our focus is on quality and not quantity. This means we take the time to do things most other shops do not do, such as bedding the barrel to the receiver to fill in any microscopic imperfections and give better accuracy as well as many other details. Some people don’t think they matter. We think it does. We will NEVER treat you like we are doing you a favor by being in business. We are confident that you will be satisfied and will work to that goal.