Lower Parts Kit – ALG AR15/M4 Mil-Spec with QMS Trigger

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All parts are from ALG Defense

AR15/M4 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit w/ QMS Trigger

  1. Bolt Catch
  2. Bolt Catch Plunger
  3. Bolt Catch Spring
  4. Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  5. Mag Release
  6. Mag Release Button
  7. Mag Release Spring
  8. Buffer Retainer Spring
  9. Safety
10. Buffer Retainer
11. Safety Detent Spring
12. Safety Detent
13. Trigger Guard
14. Trigger Guard Roll Pin
15. Takedown Detent Springs
16. Takedown Detents
17. Takedown Pins
18. QMS Trigger


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