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Adjustable gas blocks allow the shooter to find the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of the amount of gas to the action. Many barrels are overgassed, which leads to the use of heavier buffers, stiffer springs, etc. This can be pricey as well as not a permanent solution for all ammo due to the different pressures of factory ammo. The adjustable gas block allows you to slowly restrict the gas, and through trial and error determine the least amount of gas needed to cycle the action efficiently. This results in lighter recoil, more comfortable shooting and faster follow up shots. Can even restrict the gas enough to make your gun a single shot which could be good for beginners or training applications. Also very beneficial to suppressed fire. Adjustment screw is a .05″ alen head/hex head wrench, and the tension screw for securing the adjustment screw is 5/64 alen head/hex head.

The ‘pinnable’ option is a 1/8″ pilot hole started with an end mill. This allows the end user the option to pin their gas block to their barrel without a special jig and with a simple drill press. Just clamp in place and use a 1/8″ drill bit to slowly drill through the gas block, which will also drill slightly through the bottom of the barrel. The 1/8″ hole can then be secured with any 1/8″ coil or roll pin, including the trigger guard roll pin. The mil-spec calls for pinning their barrels, and is a surefire way to eliminate the gas block from coming loose. Use the option to pin your gas block to your barrel, or simply use the set screws to secure in place. The option is simply there if you choose, and only needs to be done if desired.

  • 4130 Steel
  • .750″ Diameter
  • Gas Tube Roll Pin Included
  • 1/8″ Pilot Hole Milled In For Easy Pinning (see above)
  • Stainless Steel Tension Screw (5/64) and Adjustment Screw (.05″)
  • Black Oxide Coated
  • Optional Drill Bit For Pinning To Barrel
  • 100% U.S. Materials and U.S. Machined


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1 review for Integrity Arms Adjustable Gas Block – Pinnable

  1. 5 out of 5

    This gas block is AMAZING! It is super simple to adjust and the price is very affordable. I will definitely buy this for my future builds.

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