Lothar-Walther 16in 5.56 Match Grade Barrel LiFe HD® – Straight Pull/No Gas Port

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This barrel has no gas port. This is for end users with hunting restrictions or someone who is building a single shot/bolt action type rifle.

Direct from Lothar-Walther are these first rate 16in stainless Match Grade LiFe HD® barrels. We had them drill & rifle the bore, and contour and thread the barrel prior to the LiFe HD®  treatment. However, the barrel extensions were left off of the barrels during the process. This is because the threads need to be cleaned after treatment, and also due to the fact there are different expansion/contraction rates between the barrel and the extension. After treatment, the extensions were torqued and the gas ports drilled. This is the correct way to do any heat treatment. All procedures were done by Lothar-Walther and we receive them as a completely finished product. Read about the LiFe HD® process here.

Lothar-Walther has been a leader in the production of match grade gun barrels for over 80 years. These barrels we offer here are made from their proprietary stainless steel – LW50. This stainless steel was developed in 1994-95 as a safe alternative to 416R and to solve durability problems associated with 416R. No other company can offer this material in their barrels.

These barrels offer the best in every aspect of performance. The stainless steel allows for seamless machining with a nearly perfect bore and chamber, and the Melonite process greatly increases barrel life, durability and corrosion protection. These features together offer the best balance of accuracy and longevity in any AR barrel on the market today, as well as better options compared to any “match grade” barrel without the extremely high cost.

  • 16in Match Grade Barrel
  • 5.56 NATO Match Chamber
  • Light Weight Contour
  • No Gas System
  • LW-50 Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 27oz
  • Button Rifled
  • Extended/M4 Feed Ramps
  • LiFe HD® Treatment
  • Gov’t Profile Under Hand Guards, relieved in front of gas block area
  • 1/2×28 TPI
  • Markings on Barrel Are 4 N-8 and the Lothar-Walther Symbol


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