Lothar-Walther/VLTOR Accuracy Foundation Package **DEAL*




We have had local customers show us improved groupings simply by changing their milspec upper receiver to the VLTOR MUR upper receiver. The tighter tolerances and more rigid and advanced design are undoubtedly why. There is no better upper on the market in our opinion. Couple that with the Lothar-Walther match grade barrel and you have the recipe for complete domination on the range. You’ve done the ‘budget’ build, now it’s time to get the best.

We’ve offered these together as a package deal with considerable savings over buying separately. Nothing more needs to be said other than this is the way to go for the top of the line foundation for an absolute tack driving AR-15 rifle.


MUR-1A w/Fwd Assist

The Modular Upper Receiver (MUR-1A) is a rigid MilSpec flat-top upper receiver made to fit all AR15/M16/M4 rifles and carbines. The MUR was developed to give the customer a MilSpec correct upper receiver with a thicker wall, making the MUR upper receiver a stronger platform. This more rigid upper receiver will increase accuracy and reliability, while extending the life of the interfacing components, such as the bolt carrier group and barrel assembly.

The main benefit of the MUR is that it is dimensionally correct. Vltor ensures reliability and accuracy of our production process by using precision machining equipment, thorough quality control inspections, and a 100% final check of all critical dimensions. When you own a Vltor MUR, you have the highest quality upper receiver available on the market today.

The MUR is made from a 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum forging. Prior to machining, the forging is fully stress relieved, heat treated, aged twice and undergoes a proprietary cryogenic treatment. The MUR is precision machined and each part finished by hand. There is not a  better upper receiver available.

The MUR comes in two models: one with a Bolt-Assist/Shell-Deflector and the second with a Shell Deflector only. Vltor offers the selection at the time of purchase, but does not offer  a  service to exchange the Bolt Assist or Shell Deflector. All MURs feature a MilStd-1913 scope mounting rail and come equipped with an Ejection-Port, Dust Cover Door.


Lothar-Walther has been a leader in the production of match grade gun barrels for over 80 years. These barrels we offer here are made from their own proprietary blend of  stainless steel – LW50. This stainless steel was developed in 1994-95 as a safe alternative to 416R and to solve durability problems associated with 416R. No other company can offer this material in their barrels.

These barrels offer the best in every aspect of performance. The stainless steel allows for seamless machining with a nearly perfect bore and chamber, the polygonal rifling offers less bullet deformation and increased velocity, and the proprietary steel composition greatly increases barrel life, durability and corrosion protection. We feel these features together offer the best balance of accuracy and longevity in any AR barrel on the market today, as well as better options compared to any “match grade” barrel without the extremely high cost.

The new LiFe HD® (Lithium & Iron) process is a proprietary process similar to Melonite/QPQ, but with better options. The LiFe HD® process creates a smoother (less porosity) surface finish, this imparts higher corrosion (twice the corrosion resistance as QPQ) resistance and lubricity characteristics. The hardness and depth are almost identical to QPQ, but LiFe HD® accomplishes it’s goal with a single one step procedure compared to the multi-step processes of QPQ (quench polish quench). A more uniform/deeper black finish also seems to be a byproduct of the process.

Choose from 16 or 18 inch as well as from raw stainless or the proprietary LiFe HD® treatment.

  • 16in or 18in True Match Grade Barrel
  • Proprietary LiFe HD® Treatment Process or Bright Stainless Finish
  • .223 Wylde (can shoot .223 or 5.56)
  • All Barrels Are Proprietary LW-50 Stainless Steel
  • 16″ SOCOM Weighs 2lb 1oz, 16″ Mid Weight is 1lb 13oz, 18in Light Medium is 2lb, 18in Medium Rifle is 2lb 6oz
  • All barrels Are Mid Length Gas Except for Medium Rifle Which Is Rifle Length
  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Extended/M4 Feed Ramps
  • .750 Gas Block
  • 1/2×28 TPI
  • Markings on Barrel Are S-8-P (Stainless, 8 Twist, Polygon) & “LW”

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Upper & 16" Raw Stainless SOCOM, Upper & 18" Raw Stainless Light Medium, Upper & 18" Raw Stainless Medium Rifle, Upper & 16" SOCOM LiFe HD®, Upper & 16" Light Mid Weight LiFe HD®, Upper & 18" Light Medium LiFe HD®, Upper & 18" Medium Rifle LiFe HD®


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