Bolt Carrier Group – Toolcraft M16 Nickel Boron EXO Technology (NIB-X)

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This batch DOES have the 1B1B6 cage code

The primary customer of Toolcraft inc. is the U.S. Service Member. This product is the same milspec Carpenter 158 bolt and 8620 steel carrier, with the same treatments as the ones that go to the DOD. Toolcraft then had the carriers, bolts, cam pins and extractors sent to FailZero for the nickel boron coating. These have been coated by with FailZero’s proprietary ‘EXO Technology’. This is a quality first rate product that has come to be expected from them. Sold by other companies for much more, these are beautifully finished and guaranteed to not disappoint. Marked with their military cage code 1B1B6.

  • M16 Profile
  • EXO Coated Parts Include: Carrier, Gas Key, Cam Pin, Bolt & Extractor
  • Inside Diameter is Coated As Well
  • 5.56mm, .223rem or 300BLK
  • Properly Staked EXO Coated Gas Key
  • Carpenter 158 Bolt, Shot Peened and MPI Tested/Marked
  • Extractor is AISI 4140 Or 4340 Gun Quality, Annealed, Cold Drawn & Stress Relieved To BHN 187/229
  • Properly Heat Treated/Quenched Milspec 8620 Steel
  • Proprietary FailZero EXO Coating (Nickel Boron)
  • Marked w/ Military Cage Code 1B1B6
  • CNC Machined To Exacting Specifications
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 100% U.S. Made in North Carolina

About EXO:

UCT Coatings’ EXO Technology: the active weapon advantage.

FAILZERO tactical weapon upgrade parts are treated with UCT Coatings’ patented, military-proven Nickel Boron Technology. This unique, breakthrough technology creates a permanently lubricious surface, harder than the substrate itself, which eliminates the need for grease, oil, or any wet lubrication for the life of the weapon. Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it will never rub off, never flake off, never build up crud. EXO Technology eliminates wet-lubrication failures of critical components, giving you an “active weapon advantage” under all conditions.

Proven by DoD tests, SWAT teams, tactical experts.

The patented EXO technology used in FAILZERO upgrades has been thoroughly tested and proven effective by UCT Coatings – developer of EXO Technology – and by the U.S. Department of Defense. Test results include:

  • 50,000 lube-free rounds on AR-15s.
  • 15,000 lube-free rounds on M9 pistols.
  • 18,000 lube-free rounds on carbine rifles.
  • 23,000 lube-free rounds on machine guns.

Additionally, EXO is specified on Army 81mm and 60mm mortar tubes, Blackhawk helicopter hoists, and several Navy ship applications.

EXO-treated FailZero upgrades are used by SWAT teams, law enforcement and security professionals, military units on the battlefield, and tactical training centers.  EXO upgrades are now available for personal firearms.

4 reviews for Bolt Carrier Group – Toolcraft M16 Nickel Boron EXO Technology (NIB-X)

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Even though the picture looks like the Bolt and extractor don’t appear NIB coated, they are. This is a great BCG. One of the best I have used. You won’t find a better BCG at this price point. Will be buying more while they last.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bought this BCG Christmas of 2015 and it still runs flawless after an unknown round count. Love the coating and it’s still slick as snot.

  3. 5 out of 5

    As stated, the bolt looks un-coated in the pic, but it is coated as well. Now for round count; bought this in June of 2016 and went through 13 carbine courses since. I honestly don’t know round count, but it’s a minimum of 30,000 without a doubt. I’ve replaced barrels and haven’t had to do a thing to this BCG aside from an extractor spring. Color has diminished a bit, but that’s to be expected. This thing rocks.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Best you can get. Wipes clean and the only bcg I will ever use!

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