What kind of accuracy can I expect from my barrel?

This question is too broad to give a definite answer. We never give accuracy guarantees on any of our barrels mainly because most people do not realize what it takes to shoot accurately. Many people think you can go to Wal-Mart and buy a box of $5.00 ammo and shoot 1/2in groups off the bed of their truck. In order to get the highest level of accuracy from any barrel, the shooter needs to reload and ‘tune’ the ammo to their specific barrel. Two identical caliber barrels from the same run, can still shoot very different.

With all that said, most of our barrels will shoot better than most peoples’ abilities, including our own. If the shooter does everything right, accuracy will follow. Read some of our reviews and you will see accuracy ranging from sub-MOA to 3″ groups and everything in between.

Keep in mind we offer a 15 day no questions asked refund policy for any reason, including accuracy. If you are not satisfied within that time frame, return it for a full refund. Barrels must be received at our facility within 15 days of the customer receiving the barrel in order to get the refund. After that, manufacturers defects are still covered.